“They have cheated on me a lot”

‘Sábado Deluxe’ has broadcast a new program tonight, January 23, and the first guest of the La Fábrica de la Tele format has been the veteran actress Lola Herrera, who has already visited the set of the program on several more occasions, and what In addition to talking about his life, he has also expressed his opinion on current issues such as the departure of the emeritus king of the country or the legalization of euthanasia.

María Patiño interviews Lola Herrera in ‘Saturday Deluxe’

The program began the interview after advancing the debate on the interview with María Teresa Campos in ‘Viva la vida’, and it was Lola Herrera herself who commented that she has never abandoned such an interview on television, adding that it may be that in the written press if you have stated your discrepancy when faced with certain questions asked by journalists: « At 85 I keep quiet about much less things, but I am still cautious ». In addition, regarding this, he also recalled the occasion in which he stopped the function due to a mobile phone that rang continuously among the public: « It did not react well, but I understand it, because that means that they put you in evidence. »

On the other hand, Lola has commented that « I am lazy to meet people that I admire a lot because I have had some disappointment in my life », referring to well-known people, declining to give a name to « not anger anyone ». And when asked about someone she admires and who she would like to meet, the interpreter of ‘Cinco horas con Mario’ comments that « I’m not a mythomaniac. I like a lot of people, but I don’t go crazy for anyone. »

When he discovered his first infidelity

One of the most interesting moments has come when Lola Herrera spoke about Queen Sofía, about whom she said that « I have listened to Pilar Eyre and I don’t know if I believe it all. I think she is a good mother, that she is close to her son, and he took great care of his daughter when the Urdangarín thing jumped « , commenting that » I feel a lot of empathy for women with antlers « , to which he added that »they have cheated on me a lot. I’ve almost always discovered it myself. It is overcome, because you want to fight for the couple, but in the end it is disarmed « .

Continuing with this theme, the actress said that « it should be very easy to say that ‘we have come this far’ », recalling that « The first time I found out about horns it was in a public place. Florinda Chico told me where she was going to be and I went there. With a really cute umbrella that I was carrying, I started to give her head umbrellas », also commenting that « some time after cutting, we got back together ».

Finally, the interpreter has spoken about the legalization of euthanasia, about what she has thought was something necessary. Asked by a collaborator, she affirms that « I don’t know if I will find myself in the situation of having to use it. If it gives me something, I hope it will take me. Of course, what I do not want is that they have to plug me into 80 different devices to continue living, lying on a bed. «