They hack Electronic Arts, the video game company that develops the ‘FIFA’

A Playstation 4 controller, in front of the company logo (Photo: SOPA Images / LightRocket / .)

Electronic Arts (EA) systems have been the target of a cyberattack. It is one of the largest video game companies in the world and whose programmers come out titles such as FIFA or the Battlefield series. As confirmed by CNN, hackers have taken 780 gigabytes of data, but it is not just any piece of information.

Cybercriminals have managed to copy the source code of Frostbite – the video game engine such as FIFA, Madden and Battlefield – as well as other tools that were under development, such as the player matching system of the famous football video game.

A pirate FIFA?

After this intrusion into EA systems, there are already expert voices that have spoken out about what this data theft can mean. Brett Callow, a cybersecurity expert and threat analyst at Emsisoft, has indicated that pirated copies could be developed from this information, or the source code could even be used by developers of other games.

“Hackers can sift through the code, identify deeper flaws to exploit, and sell that older code on the deep web.” The spokesperson for the cybersecurity company Check Point, Ekram Ahmed, has also detailed.

EA user data

From Electronic Arts they have indicated that “we are investigating a recent incident of intrusion in our network where a limited amount of source code of the game and related tools were stolen”. However, they have also advanced that the cyberattack has not endangered the privacy of its millions of users.

“The data of the players was not accessed and we have no reason to believe that there is any risk to the privacy of the players,” they have defended from the company, which has already …

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