This Tuesday, former soccer player Ronaldinho was released from prison, after a month of confinement, and now he will spend his days locked in a hotel room in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. The Brazilian was behind bars for having entered the country with false documentation and is accused, along with his brother, of being part of a gang that is dedicated to laundering money.

According to the first information, both he and his brother, Roberto de Assis Moreira, may leave the detention center, by decision of Judge Gustavo Amarilla, after having paid a deposit of USD 1.6 million. His new home will be room 104 of the Hotel Palmaroga.

Corresponding measure corresponds to Ronaldinho and his brother and the continuation of his arrest in a hotel. I have the record of the acceptance of the hotel managers so that they, at their own expense, are under house arrest there, ”said the magistrate at a press conference.

On March 4, at mid-morning, the former Barcelona player arrived in Paraguay recruited by the charitable foundation Fraternity Angelical, run by businesswoman Dalia López. That same night, a police and judicial party raided his room and confiscated his cell phones and the documents he brought with him, the same procedure for his brother.

On Thursday 5, both attended the headquarters of the Public Ministry where they were investigated for about eight hours. The prosecutor who took the statement recommended that the judge be released on condition of admitting the commission of the crime of using a passport with false content and paying a fine. Federico Delfino argued that Ronaldinho and Roberto “were deceived in their good faith”.

Then, the judge (Mirko Valinotti) determined the “full enjoyment of his right to freedom” by the former footballer, but he put the opinion before the state attorney general, Sandra Quiñonez. Everything changed since then. Uniformed and plainclothes officers appeared at the hotel on Friday night, the 6th, and arrested Ronaldinho and his brother, who were transported to the Police Specialized Group.

After appearing before the judge on duty Clara Ruiz Díaz, the magistrate was forceful: “The court considers that we are facing a serious punishable act because it attempted against the interests of the Republic, against the Paraguayan State. There is danger of leakage and there is danger of obstruction. This is a foreigner who entered the country illegally and remains in the country illegally. “