They gave him 3 months to live! La Casa de Papel actor reveals

They gave him 3 months to live! La Casa de Papel actor reveals | Instagram

One of the actors in the famous series La Casa de Papel was given 3 months to live and today is a motivator and an example to follow, something that to be true is a miracle come true and as we mentioned, quite a example to follow.

We are talking about Álvaro Morte who became one of the most influential figures in the industry, despite the fact that his life was in danger.

Behind the success of La Casa de Papel there are many realities, sometimes a bit tragic, that include its actors and that many are unaware of.

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Such is the case of Álvaro Morte, who plays the famous “Professor” who had to face for years with a cancer that afflicted him and who almost almost lost his life.

It is for this reason that he hides a real story of overcoming that few have been able to tell and this is something that strengthens his image and human quality that in part he manages to transmit through his interpretations.

And it is that the specialists gave Morte only 90 days to live once they found the cancerous tumor in his left thigh.

After that, beyond collapsing, he got ahead in such a way that he managed to eradicate this disease with the best optimism and strength that his family, as well as his loved ones, gave him.

And although losing his life when he was so young was still always on his mind, he did not allow himself to collapse and continued with faith and the certainty that one day that nightmare would end.

And it is that as the famous “Professor” describes it, once the diagnosis was given, hundreds of thoughts passed through his mind, one more fatal than the other, however, he did not let himself be cowed and for that reason he courageously assumed the rude treatment and little by little he was noticing the improvement that led him to fight this terrible tumor.

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At first I thought I was going to die, that they were cutting off my leg … And nothing has happened. But at that time I was thinking: if I die in three months, can I do it in peace? Have I respected the people around me and who love me? Have I been true to my principles? ”, The actor revealed to Cocktail magazine and was thus reviewed by Spoiler.

In addition, he said that entering this information was not so easy, since he was only 30 years old when they told him that he would not have a very satisfactory future.

Hence his determination to remain firm and abide by all the indications of the treatment that would allow him to at least extend his existence a little more.

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And so little by little and with great impetus and desire to live fully every day he completely eradicated this tumor that almost blinds his life and would not have allowed him to enjoy the success he currently has with each of his characters.

Undoubtedly, this left him many lessons, including valuing each day and thanking God for waking up with faith and enthusiasm despite adversity.

It has led me to enjoy the moment, smile every morning and that there is nothing that takes away my good humor. If I allow the pressure to invade me, it will come against me, I prefer to live in the moment. I’ve been very down, so the pressure can’t beat me, “he added during the interview.

This is how Morte shows that no matter how hard life has to endure, there are always reasons to thank and smile.

It is not entirely bad, you just have to know how to take the best opportunities out of everything that is presented along the way, be it good or bad.

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