They found the van of the missing Hispanic woman in Houston, submerged and with a body inside

Erica Hernandez disappeared in Houston.

Photo: Houston Police Department, Erica Hernandez Facebook / Courtesy

The police made a gruesome discovery in search of Erica Hernandez, a 40-year-old Hispanic mother missing since April 17.

A body was found inside a truck found in a Texas lake, authorities revealed.

No one heard from Hernandez after leaving a friend’s house in southeast Houston. The team of divers from the local police found the truck that corresponds to the model and plates of the woman, they explained Tuesday.

“We offer our condolences to the family, while they wait for this difficult period to identify the body that we have found inside the vehicle”said Houston Police Commander Kevin Deese.

Police declined to comment on whether the body was male or female. The identity of the person will be confirmed by the Galveston Coroner’s Office.

Early indications show Hernandez’s truck hit a sidewalk before entering the lake, which is up to 15 feet deep, Deese said, although he did not clarify whether police believe there was a suicide.

According to the police, the truck had been in the water for a long time, probably since the woman disappeared.

“We are definitely not going to say that the search for Erica Hernandez is over. We will wait for the whole process ”, Deese added.

Hernandez’s family does not know why the truck should be near the lake.

“We found the car, but we need to know everything”, Ashley Hernandez told a local media outlet. “There was no reason for her to hang around. I think someone made her go there, for whatever reason ”.

Erica’s sister said her youngest three-year-old still believes his mom will come home. “I mean, he keeps asking about her. His grandmother just tells him that he will be back soon.

Hernandez worked in a community health service, where he verified insurance benefits.

“She is the kind of mother who does everything for us,” said Briza Armenta, Erica’s 14-year-old daughter.

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