They found the body of Ivana Modica

The Dead body of Ivana Modica, the woman that I was missing Since the night of last Thursday the 11th of this month, he was found this morning in the vicinity of the Cordoba Square Road, after His couple, who was detained, confess his authorship to the prosecution and indicate the place, informed judicial sources.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) of Cordova confirmed to . that after the investigative statement that the Prosecutor of Instruction of Cosquin, Jorgelina Gomez, will take Javier Galvan, an operation was ordered to find the body in a sector near the road that connects the Sierras Chicas with the Punilla Valley, at the height of kilometer 11.5.

On the night of this Friday, before being transferred to Bouwer penalty, Galvan asked to testify at the Cosquín prosecutor’s office, and there he admitted that he had committed the Modica femicide, after which he indicated the place where he had left the body.

After the discovery and confirmation of the fact, the body was transferred to the judicial morgue of the city of Córdoba where will the autopsy to determine causes Y date of death of Modica, who was last seen on Thursday, February 11, before having an argument with Galván.

After agreeing to be the murderer, Galván arrived at the place where the body was found to indicate to the investigators the exact point, before an important operation in which he was guarded by personnel from the ETER police special group.

Eight days of searching They were those carried out by the different Fire, Police and Civil Defense teams, in operations ordered by the prosecution and which had several raking sites, following different tracks.

March for Ivana

The Assembly Not One Less Cordoba summoned for this afternoon a march to demand justice, after confirming in the last hours the femicide of Ivana Modica.

The concentration is scheduled for 17 in adjacencies of Shopping Patio Olmos of Córdoba capital, while in Skirt, where the murdered woman resided with her boyfriend, the 19 the mobilization will take place next to the stage of Eden Avenue and Diagonal San Martín.

The assembly in its social networks expressed: “THEY ARE KILLING US! ENOUGH OF FEMICIDES! LIVE AND FREE WE LOVE US! ”.

In that claim they maintain that they have already been committed eight femicides so far this year: “They have only passed 50 days of this 2021 and in Córdoba we already lack Gabriela Lencina, Ivana Juarez, Nilda peano, Melisa moyano, Liliana stefanatto, Emilse gajes Y Miriam Farias, all victims of femicide ”.

“Today we add to our reasons for continuing to shout, the name of Ivana Modica. NOT ONE LESS: the state and governments are responsible. Budget for public policies that confront sexist violence. Perpetua Galván and all the femicides! ”, They ask from the sector.

Letter to Alberto Fernández against gender violence

Last Wednesday, collective of women and self-organized dissidents they spread a letter addressed to President Alberto Fernández in which they demanded that « gender-based violence is a priority issue for the national government« and from judicial system « which has shown to ignore the problem. »

The letter signed by more than 400 women, highlights the sexist violence as a structural problem in the country« which was deepened in the context of the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). In this sense, they express that « we cannot tolerate one more death of women and feminized identities, who pay with their lives the cost of a masculinity that has the power to possess them. »