They found the artist who made the mysterious sculpture in Mar del Plata

The mystery of the sculpture that appeared days ago on one of the stones of Playa Chica in Mar del Plata, began to be revealed after a man will appear before the Municipality as the author of the same. So much repercussion had the subject, that this Saturday there will be an official presentation of the artist at a press conference in Villa Victoria.

Days ago, a mysterious figure of a woman looking at the sea and taking her legs appeared on one of the stones of the Mar del Plata coastal walk. The figure quickly began to travel the media and add uncertainty about its authorship, hitherto unknown.

Attractive in «La Feliz»

Even during the long weekend of Carnival, the one with the highest tourist influx in Mar del Plata, with low temperatures, the figure of women he became a tourist attraction far from the beaches and everyone wanted his photo with the mysterious sculpture.

At the same time, the Municipality launched a public call for the artist to appear before the authorities, and thus regularize its installation on the coastal walk before the Monuments and Sculptures Commission. In addition, they had control personnel in the vicinity for the damage that the work could suffer, by the curious.

People approached the statue with enthusiasm (How digital).

This search appears to have ended after a man will present himself as the author of it. At the moment, they did not release the name of the author but they did announced that this Saturday morning will be presented in society from Villa Victoria, where he will hold a press conference with the Secretary of Culture, Carlos Balmaceda and the Director of Restoration of Historical Monuments, Costanza Addiechi.