They fired two doormen who closed the doors of their building while beating an elderly Asian woman

The two doormen who locked the doors of their building while a 65-year-old Asian woman was brutally beaten by Brandon Elliot, they were fired according to the owners of the building.

The Brodsky Organization, the company that owns the property located at 360 43rd Street in Manhattan, said in a press release that they concluded their investigations into the actions of the personnel on March 29.

“The full video of what happened in the lobby shows that once the assailant had left, the doormen assisted the victim and called a patrol. It is clear that the emergency and security protocols were not followed ”, established the company.

“We totally disagree and are shocked by this incident and our hearts go out to the victim.”they added.

The goalkeepers were suspended after the attack that was recorded on video and caused great outrage throughout the American Union. The residents of the building had signed a letter in favor of the subjects, arguing that the tape could take the performance of the doormen out of context.

“We do not believe that the staff members have failed the residents, or the Midtown community, or the Asian community in New York,” they added.

Elliot was arrested Wednesday and charged with second-degree assault and hate crime, according to the New York Police Department.

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