They fined the leader of the band Behemoth for publishing an image of the Virgin Mary trampled – .

The lead singer of the Polish ‘heavy metal’ band Behemoth, Adam Darski, has been sentenced by a Warsaw regional court to pay a fine for posting a photo on his Facebook profile, in September 2019, in which a picture appears of the Virgin Mary while being trampled, local media report.

The ruling found the musician guilty of offending the feelings of the members of a confession by publicly insulting an object of religious worship, a crime typified in article 196 of the country’s Penal Code that provides penalties of up to two years in prison.

The complaint was registered by the ultraconservative organizations Ordo Iuris (Legal Order, in Spanish) and Towarzystwo Patriotyczne (Patriotic Society).

The court forced Darski to pay a fine of 15,000 zlotys ($ 4,020) plus 3,453 zlotys ($ 925) for court costs, using an abbreviated procedure that does not require the presence of the defendant.

The leader of Behemoth, a group known for frequently using pagan and Satanic-themed scenery, declined to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, one of his legal representatives announced that he will file an objection to try to suspend the penalty or continue with a trial.