They find a deer with hair in the eyes

Last March, residents of a suburb of KnoxvilleIn the United States, they were surprised to see a deer walking apparently disoriented between their houses. They immediately called the local wildlife authorities, who were quick to make an assessment of the case. The animal was bleeding from some accident and seemed nervous and emaciated, so it could have the chronic wasting disease (CWD). This is a very contagious disease, caused by prions, that affects cervids, such as reindeer, caribou and, of course, deer. To prevent the disease from spreading, the decision was made to euthanize the animal and send its head to the Cooperative Study of Southeastern Wildlife Diseases (SCWDS) from the University of Georgia, where they noticed something very unusual: the deer had hair in eyes.

Besides that, the necropsy revealed that he had no CWD, but epizootic hemorrhagic disease, a very common disorder in deer, which can cause disorientation and fever. Much less common was the surprise they took with their eyes; although, in reality, it was not the first similar case in a deer.

What is the hair in the eyes?

According to the National Deer Association of the United States, the hair in the eyes was due to a corneal dermoid.

The animal had skin tissue on the corneas

Dermoids are cysts that form when a type of cellular tissue appears in a place that does not belong. The corneals; which, as its name suggests, originate in the corneas, are the most common. Not only in deer, but also in humans.

In the case of this deer, they observed that it contained skin discs. When this happens, the usual structures of this type of tissue are preserved, such as hair follicles or sweat glands. As it is an animal whose skin is found hair cover, the same thing happened in his corneas. Otherwise the eyes were totally normal.

Scientists have argued that everything must have happened during embryonic development, so the animal was already born that way. However, it is most likely that the skin tissue did not appear suddenly, but gradually, so that the deer was able to accustom its vision to it.

deer with hair in eyes

It is certainly a peculiar case, but it is not the only deer with hair in the eyes that has been recorded. In fact, like this one, the previous one was found in the United States. It was in 2007 and, unfortunately, he also ended up dead, but not euthanized by disease, but killed by a hunter in Louisiana.

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