They find a body on a beach in Melilla, the seventh in the last month and a half

An off-duty Civil Guard agent found the body of a young Maghreb on a beach in Melilla on Wednesday, next to the mouth of the Río de Oro.

Its about seventh corpse collected by the Civil Guard in coastal waters of Melilla in the last month and a half, after the six that he located in a space of 11 days between February 25 and March 8.

A spokesman for the Government Delegation in Melilla has detailed that around 6:25 p.m. an agent of the Civil Guard, who was out of service and who was doing sports, has sighted him on the beach, at the height of the Río de Oro, it looked like a body, so has notified the Service Operative Central (COS) of the Civil Guard Command.

The Command has activated a patrol that has appeared in the place, confirming that it was the lifeless body of a young man with North African features.

The aforementioned source has indicated that the forensic doctor and the judicial authority have traveled there to proceed with the removal of the body. The Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard will be in charge of the proceedings to clarify the facts