They finally recaptured a murderer freed “by mistake” more than a month ago in Rikers jail in New York

Christopher Buggs, a man charged with murder who was “mistakenly” released from the Rikers jail in NYC more than a month ago, was finally taken back into custody yesterday.

Daily News reported in early March that the involuntary release of Buggs (26) from the Otis Bantum Correctional Center in Rikers was the result of a clerical error.

Even more unusual, a few days after that incident, another prisoner accused of murder was also “mistakenly” released from Rikers prison, Nikim Meekins (22), but soon after he handed himself back to the authorities.

Buggs, on the other hand, was recaptured in the bronx by members of a fugitive task force from the US Marshals and the City Department of Correction (DOC), said spokesman Peter Thorne.

Details of the arrest and how authorities found Buggs were not released. He is awaiting trial for the 2018 fatal shooting of Ernest Brownlee (55) at a warehouse in Brooklyn.

He was released by a bureaucratic failure on Rikers Island in early March, as he was ending a 30-day criminal contempt sentence he was serving while in custody on the Brownlee murder charge.

The mistake resulted in the suspension without pay of four jail employees. “We hope that Mr. Buggs’ speedy return to Rikers Island will provide some comfort to the victim’s family,” Thorne said in a statement.

Following the second wrongful release in March, NY State Courts spokesman Lucian Chalfen stated that the confusion would be addressed from “a personnel and training perspective (…) While this was a serious mistake, and will be addressed, the New York Criminal Court, over the past year, has conducted tens of thousands of felony charge comparisons and waiver procedures, with judges, clerks, and court officers maintaining the system operating under very difficult conditions ”, justified, in reference to confinement from the pandemic, as crime has skyrocketed in NYC.