They fill the streets, celebrate LGBTQ + pride


“No, no. Yes, yes, we already left again ”. Rainbow flags, fishnet stockings, lingerie, evening dresses, crowns, masks and hats illuminated Paseo de la Reforma and the streets of the Historic Center in the 43rd edition of the LGBTQ + pride march, which attracted 30 thousand attendees, according to with information from the capital government.

Last week, the official organizers had invited to carry out this celebration virtually, as in 2020, due to the retreat towards the yellow traffic light. 10 hours of transmission were prepared on local television stations as well as on social networks.

Despite this, the face-to-face call remained in place through the networks. For this reason, from early on, the authorities deployed 700 elements of the Citizen Security Secretariat supported by 50 vehicles, 31 motorcycles, three ambulances and five motor ambulances to guard the celebration.

The contingent took Avenida Juárez and continued on 5 de Mayo.

Around 11 in the morning, one of the four groups that made up the march, left the Angel of Independence without a defined vanguard and without the deployment of floats, without a queen, without the company of batucadas, without the sponsorship of brands. and without the thunderous music and dancing that used to be part of the celebration before the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the tour, thousands more were added waiting on the banks of Paseo de la Reforma and headed towards Avenida Juárez and 5 de Mayo to reach the Zócalo.

The party caused the relaxation of sanitary measures because a healthy distance could not be maintained, there were people ingested alcoholic beverages on the way, they did not use the mask or they used it incorrectly and everyone raised their voices to demand respect for their rights.

Some put the mask aside and showed off their smiles for the photo.

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