They fight to go to the Champions League: Cristiano’s Juventus won the Derby against Inter with this controversial penalty

With Colombian flavor, the Derby of Italy was experienced between Juventus FC and the Inter de Milan for the full match he played Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, capable of scoring two goals and generating the penalty that closed a compromise (3-2) marked by controversy.

He first billed 2 – 1 before going into halftime with a huge bomb on the edge of the large parea on the right side. It was the oxygen that gave life to Juve in times of stress.

Then he appealed to his vivacity to fabricate a criminally disputed criminal. That at first left no doubts, but when seeing the repetition it is observed that the Colombian kicked Ivan Perišić to look for the penalty and the main Gianpaolo Calvarese bought.

Cuadrado faced the Croatian and achieved his goal: to be knocked down in the area, only that in the images it is observed that the fall was caused by himself. It was the 88th minute and the coffee player himself was in charge of scoring the maximum penalty.

Juventus has 75 points and is fourth momentarily until AC Milan and Fiorentina play their matches. Next week they will close against Bologna to decide whether or not to qualify for the Champions League. Everything will depend on a puncture from Milan or Napoli and whether they win their next game.

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