There will be no economic recovery in Puerto Morelos once the health emergency ends.

In the opinion of the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos, the economic future, once the health emergency ends, is discouraging since they do not know a recovery plan for the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña.

They stressed that they cannot expect a prompt municipal economic recovery, since Laura Fernández is currently not attending to families who have been left without income.

For Manuel Octavio Sánchez, the economic future of Puerto Morelos, once the health emergency due to COVID-19 ends, is terrifying.

Only shady business

“Laura Fernández has so far shown no interest in the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos, we have only learned of investigations into corruption cases in which their relatives are involved, but nothing positive for Puerto Morelos.” said.

He regretted that the Municipal President is more dedicated to increasing her fortune, with businesses that smell of corruption, than to generating development for Puerto Morelos.

Meanwhile, Martín Silverio García, stated that after the health emergency, only economic problems loomed for the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos, although that topic does not include the family of Laura Fernández.

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“We do not know of an economic recovery project, but we do know of businesses carried out by the family of Laura Fernández, which have even been documented by various media,” he said.

For the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos a black panorama is looming, because many families have been left without income and with no support from the City Council.

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