They extend the operation of the Buenos Aires gastronomic places for one hour

The Government of the Buenos aires city decided to extend the closing period by one hour
of the premises of gastronomy, such as restaurants and bars, which are located in the district since they currently end their commercial activity at 1.

The decision was made after an analysis of the epidemiological conditions of the district and
detect that there was no recrudescence of number of cases. The measure, published in the Official City Gazette, responds to the claim of the different chambers of the sector -among them the Association of Hotels, Restaurants, Confectioneries and Cafes (Ahrcc) – who asked
the extension of the schedule to economically recover the activity.

Currently, the premises are obliged to close their doors from 1 to 6
in a decision of the city ​​government that came into effect on January 10 after a sustained rise in coronavirus cases in Buenos Aires.

« Mindful of the time that has elapsed, it is considered pertinent to establish a new time limitation with respect to the operation of gastronomic establishments or gastronomic activities, » says the resolution, which states that the new closing time will be extended from 2 to 6.

In the last health part of the City Government, they reported 787 new cases and
seven deaths from coronavirus, which raised the number of infected to 224,167 and 6,591 the
deaths in the district since the beginning of the pandemic.

After confirming the measure, the Ahrcc considered that « it is an effective
response to mitigate, at least in part, the negative effects and restrictions resulting from the pandemic.

Likewise, it is important to note that in all cases the current protocols must continue to be respected.