They expose the struggle of women in the media; ‘Warriors of Freedom’


The documentary series Guerreras de la Libertad will premiere its third chapter tonight with the presence of Pilar Ferreira, Martha Ramos, Andrea Merlos and Fabiola Guarneros, editorial deputy director of Excelsior, who will address cases of machismo and harassment within the media.

In the program, which will air at 7:30 p.m. on ADN 40, Ferreira’s testimony will be heard telling that one of the managers of a company stressed that her big problem was being a woman. Like her, many colleagues have suffered from misogyny and abuse from those in charge of newspapers, producers, channels and portals.

It is enough to remember that during the explosion of complaints as part of the #MeToo movement in the country, many reporters, photographers, editors and editorial directors were singled out by various women and accused of offending, objectifying and demeaning female journalists from their teams.

Our deputy director Fabiola Guarneros will contribute, from her experience, the sacrifices and double the effort required to demonstrate her journalistic skills.

The broadcast will highlight how prominent reporters and heads of the different media have managed to reach these positions and remain current, after a long and constant struggle for equity and equality.

In addition, Alicia Salgado and Sanjuana Martínez, current director of the agency
Notimex, expose the harassment by officials who were investigated for professional purposes.

The program has shown the questions about what should happen in the legislative, judicial and human rights fields to eradicate the impunity that encourages machismo and harassment that still persists in society. Similarly, the importance of a culture of equity has been promoted through example and conviction.

Photo: Salomón Ramírez


I am passionate about my profession ”, Fabiola Guarneros, who is currently the editorial deputy director of Excelsior, is heard saying.

-Also have participated Adriana Pérez Cañedo, Katia D´Artigues, Estela Livera, Elena Poniatowska, Blanche Petrich, Catalina Noriega, Adela Micha, Elisa Alanís, Ivonne Melgar and Guadalupe Michaca, among others.


-The third episode of Guerreras de la Libertad airs today at 7:30 p.m.

-Digital open television by adn40 on channel 1.2 of the Mexican Republic and 40.1 of the Valley of Mexico

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