They explain why cross-play took so long to reach Minecraft Dungeons

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After months of waiting for it, crossplay is finally available in Minecraft Dungeons. It is an option that the community wanted from the beginning, so why did it take so long to arrive? We already have the answer.

A couple of weeks ago we had the opportunity to chat with David Nisshagen, executive producer of Minecraft Dungeons, about the arrival of cross-play. There he explained that there were several factors why it was not available at the launch of the game, but the main one was lack of time.

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The interesting thing is that Nisshagen commented that his idea is to go from less to more. That is, they first start with small ideas that grow over time. With this they deliver products that they put together with the community.

“At some point you have to mark the line, see how many people you have; the talent you have and what you want to do. The point came where we had to launch the game, we really had to get it in the hands of the players. So we delayed a few things instead of changing the date of the whole game.

The Minecraft team and I believe that you get something from players when you interact with them and find out what they like, what is fun, and what is boring. (…) One of the pillars within Mojang is that the players create the game together with us. That is clear with Minecraft, there is a lot of construction and creativity in it. But we also do it with Minecraft Dungeons. Look, we don’t have construction or resource gathering. So what we have to do is listen, ”Nisshagen explained.

Minecraft Dungeons will arrive without optimizations for the next generation

In the interview, Nisshagen also confirmed to me that Minecraft Dungeons does not have optimizations for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. So, players who enjoy this title on current consoles will do so through backward compatibility.

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“We have not made a specific version for PlayStation 5 or Xbox [Series X|S]. We’re in backward compatibility mode, but we also took advantage of a few tricks to access some of the new features as they have so much extra power. We can take advantage of it to run faster or at a higher resolution, “he mentioned.

Minecraft Dungeons is available for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about the dungeon crawler by clicking here.