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The backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5 is a topic that has left more questions than answers. While there are still questions about how it will work, new information suggests that the vast majority of PlayStation 4 games will work on the new console.

What we mean is that Jim Ryan, president and CEO of PlayStation, spoke about the next generation console in an interview with The Washington Post. In it he touched on the issue of backward compatibility pointing out that 99% of the games for PlayStation 4 will run on PlayStation 5.

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Sadly, the PlayStation manager did not share any more details that make it clear to us how the backward compatibility of PlayStation 5 will work. For example, it has not yet been explained if all the last generation games will run from the beginning on PS5. Nor is it explained if we should expect any improvement.

We will be on the lookout and let you know when we learn more about backward compatibility for PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 will arrive on November 12 in Mexico and other countries in North America. You can learn more about the next generation console by clicking here.