“They eat beans” BJ Saunders responds to criticism in the face of his fight with Canelo

A few weeks after the fight between the Mexican takes place, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, and Billy Joe Saunders, the British raised his voice against his critics, who have told him in thousands of ways that he has no chance before the 168 pound monarch of the WBC and AMB.

BJ Saunders He got tired of the criticism from the fans, therefore, he responded very strongly to the claims about his possible performance in the fight with Canelo next May.

“Just imagine how sad their lives must be. Scratching his head and eating a can of beans watching a football game on the TV and talking about people. That kind of people don’t bother me, they can say what they want about me, ”the Englishman explained.

He even stated that all that bad energy is channeled and seeks to transform it into motivation to give a great fight with Canelo.

“I have many things to think about. People give me nicknames or tell me I’ll come back in a body bag But they’re just scratching their hair and watching TV, they don’t know what else to do. But I go out to earn a living, supporting my family and those I love, and doing my best to stay physically fit. For me, they are my motivation ”, he concluded.

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