“They dumped me”: the dramatic video of a child abandoned by “coyotes” in the desert

The migration crisis at the border continues to leave bloody images of minors abused by the merciless “coyotes”.

A video released by the Border Patrol showed a desolate crying child in the middle of the desert in Texas.

Can you help me?”, the boy asked the officers, as seen in the recording.

“I came with a group of people and they dumped me and I don’t know where they are”the boy explained with a broken voice.

According to Univision, the incident occurred on April 1 and had a lucky range, since the officer was about to finish his shift.

The extreme desert climate in that area of ​​Texas could be fatal to the boy’s health, whose nationality is still unknown.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, in March more than 173,000 people at the border.

The Biden administration has recognized that a migration crisis was unleashed due to the misinformation that runs among Central American migrants, who believe that the situation changed with the end of the presidency of Donald Trump.

“Do not come, you will not be able to enter”said the president in a speech in mid-March, regarding the influx of people.

A few days ago, a video showed how “polleros” or human traffickers, threw two girls from the top of the border wall and abandoned them, regardless of their fate.

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