A milestone in the world of overclocking that has had the supervision of Asus.

Processor Intel Core i9-10900K is out now and the new 10-core Comet Lake flagship has already been overclocked to 7.7GHz, exceeding the record of 9900K. A team of enthusiasts has accomplished this with some effort and liquid helium at close range, a practice that is recommended not to try at home, because this speed cannot be achieved with a simple cool down.

To do this, overclocker Elmor and his team have grabbed a laboratory at Asus headquarterswhere they could pour a constant supply of the noble gas into a tank attached to a base plate Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex, which is built with the intention of carrying out this type of extreme practices. In the past, some processors have brought these dizzying speeds close to 9 GHz, with AMD’s FX-8350 almost reaching 8.8 GHz, but it is not frequent.

It has been carried out in an Asus laboratory with constant liquid heliumThe team uploaded a video of 5 minutes showing the process and the complications of overclocking at this level. It is not an experiment to try on a whim or fun, it takes a prepared team and have the endorsement by hardware partners. In the images also, you can see the numerous complications and the risk they went through before completing their goal.

Here are the 4 keys to improve the competitiveness of next-generation Intel processors, as well as some of the most interesting overclockings of recent times, such as the Threadripper 3970X processor at 5.75 Ghz. Do not miss the video of Elmor and his team capable of achieving a new milestone of overclocking inside the Intel Core i9 processors.

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