They dismiss plagiarism lawsuit for La Forma del Agua against Guillermo del Toro

You surely remember The Shape of Water – 92%. Mexican Guillermo del Toro’s film was a sensation during the 2018 awards season, and the tale of a woman falling in love with an amphibian creature also captivated audiences. However, a plagiarism lawsuit arose out of all the attention the film received, now the law has determined that there are no reasons to proceed.

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According to information from IndieWire, a spokesperson for the Searchlight Pictures production company, responsible for the film, revealed that the case has been dismissed. The plaintiffs, the author’s family Paul Zindel, writer of a novel called Let me Hear You Whisper, had pursued the possibility of plagiarism by Guillermo del Toro, but they have now recognized that any similarity between the two is coincidence:

David Zindel, son of Paul Zinder, Author of Let Me Hear You Whisper, acknowledges, based on confidential information obtained during the litigation process, that his accusation of plagiarism is unfounded. He recognizes Guillermo del Toro as the true creator of La Forma del Agua. Any similarity between the two works is a coincidence.

As you surely remember, the most recent film by the Jalisco follows the attempts of a janitor to free an amphibian man from a scientific facility. When she takes him out of there, she begins a loving relationship with him at the same time that she tries to prevent him from being captured again. The film starred Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones and was nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director.

The lawsuit had already been previously dismissed, because it was considered that the basic premise was not enough to be protected by intellectual rights, until the case was revived by a new appeals court in 2020. One week after analysis of the experts and testimonies next July, it is now reported that the plaintiff has decided to withdraw after reviewing evidence that ensures that the director did not steal ideas for his film.

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That has not been the only accusation of plagiarism against La Forma Del Agua – 92%. French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet also claimed in February 2018 that a scene from his film Delicatessen had been stolen. Likewise, it was also noted for its similarities to a short from the Netherlands called The Space Between Us. The Film Academy of that country rejected that assertion. Neither of those two has entered the legal arena.

Del Toro (Cronos – 89%, The Devil’s Backbone – 92%, Pan’s Labyrinth – 95%) is very busy at the moment. The director is working on the post-production of Nightmare alley, his next film about a couple of scammers. But he is also doing his long-awaited stop motion animation project: Pinocchio, which will be a Netflix original title. The latter has no release date yet, but the former is scheduled to premiere on December 3.

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