They discover the reason why a breed of French rabbits moves on two legs instead of jumping forward

For several years there has been a race of rabbits that move exclusively on their front legs when trying to move fast or jump, but it was now that the experts and scientists have found the cause of this strange movement.

The Sauteur d’Alfort, also known as the jumping Alfort rabbit, has puzzled scientists for more than a decade. Unlike other breeds of rabbits, these have afalmost acrobatic shape to move, when you need to move faster instead of jumping, you quickly raise your hind legs above its head and begins to move only on its front legs.

As early as 1943, experiments were carried out that managed to show that the rabbit’s inability to jump it was not a learned behavior, but the result of a recessive gene. However, no one knew exactly what gene that was, until now.

“With modern technology, it is easy to go from a simple recessive disorder to find the problem in the genes,” Leif Andersson, a geneticist at Uppsala University in Sweden, explained to Gizmodo. Which also explains that your most feasible theory could be a problem in the spiral medulla.

A hypothesis that has ended up becoming fact, since a study carried out by scientists at the University of Uppsala shows that a deformed gene called RORB makes them unable to jump.

This gene, without any malformation helps convey information and links the right and left side of the body, which is essential to coordinate limb movements. But being deformed made the rabbits flex their hind legs too much, making it impossible for them to jump.

With which, the movement of “doing a handstand” it is not itself the mutation of the gene, but a solution to a debilitating genetic condition that prevents them from jumping.