They detect more than 300 illegal parties in Madrid despite covid-19

They registered 370 illegal parties in Madrid, Spain, inside homes and entertainment venues in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in recent days, as reported by the municipal police, this despite the restrictions in the country to stop the contagion of covid-19.

According to the authority, several tourist flats were evicted in which these parties were celebrated where the regulations against the coronavirus were violated, which caused noise nuisance and in which alcoholic beverages were consumed.

According to what was reported by the Madrid police, two individuals were arrested in one of those flats who attacked the agents who came to monitor the surroundings.

The mayor of Madrid, the conservative José Luis Martínez-Almeida, told the media that a part of these illegal parties « it is true that they also take place in homes for tourist use », so that action is being taken « in a special way » to stop the use of these properties for these purposes, despite the difficulty in punishing those who do not reside in Spain.

The complaints of the neighborhood representatives consign offers of travel packages in the center of Madrid to spend a weekend of partying in tourist flats in the Spanish capital, with flights from nations such as France.

The third wave of the coronavirus in Spain has not stopped illegal nightlife and only in the city of Madrid, of just over three million inhabitants, more than 2,000 prohibited parties have been detected so far this year.

The Madrid region, where there is a curfew from 11:00 p.m. to 06:00 a.m. local time, is the one that adds the highest number of deaths and positive cases of covid-19 in Spain, although it has the least restrictive measures in vigor of the country.

In that place there are 13 thousand 538 deaths and 573 thousand 169 infections by coronavirus, of the 67 thousand 101 and 3 million 133 thousand 122 of the country as a whole, according to data from the Spanish Ministry of Health.