They detect a mysterious ghostly circle in extragalactic space

This strange radius circle, called ORC J0102-2450, it is one of those space blob-like structures that astronomers had previously discovered. What are they? According to experts, who publish their study in the journal MNRAS Letters, these objects could be related in some way to galaxies.

The space still houses a wealth of secrets. These mysterious structures, called odd radius circles or ORCs, were only discovered last year precisely in a series of observations carried out in 2019 at the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder (ASKAP, a radio telescope array located at the Radio Astronomy Observatory of Murchison -MRO- in the Midwest of Australia), which it is one of the most sensitive radio telescopes in the world.

These cosmic structures are apparently giant circles of light that are relatively faint at radio wavelengths, which appear brighter around the edges, as if they were bubbles from space. Astronomers can’t make them fit into any phenomenon known so far even though circular objects are relatively common in space. ORCs are unlike anything we know of.

Follow-up observations with a set of telescopes other than ASKAP confirmed the presence of two of the three original ORCs.; and, a little later, a fourth was discovered in the data collected by another instrument. So it is clear that the finding of these ghostly circles is not the product of any error, failure or local phenomenon of the telescope, as it has been corroborated with other instruments as we have seen.

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