They detain Mayeli Alonso, ex of Lupillo Rivera at the Airport

Mayeli Alonso, former member of Lupillo Rivera, arrested at the airport | Instagram

During this Wednesday, May 12, the news was released that the ex-wife of the singer Lupillo Rivera, Mayeli Alonso, was arrested along with Jesús Méndoza, at the Mexico Airport.

Mayeli alonso, former spouse of Lupillo Rivera, She was traveling accompanied by her former partner, Jesús Mendoza, with whom she allegedly ended her relationship last March 2021.

Apparently, the couple would have had a strong setback with one of those responsible for the airline in which they would travel: “Volaris”, the cause that originated the confrontation and ended with the arrest of both, was the former partner of the victim “Bull of the Corrido“Who will record the whole altercation.

Five minutes after boarding the plane, these people tell me that they will not be able to carry my suitcase because it is too big. I had to pay 1,500 for a suitcase. “We were going to pay for it and suddenly the doors of the plane close, he describes in his video.

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It was on the part of Mayeli herself, who at the end of 2019 starred in a divorce with the famous “composer of regional music“Lupillo Rivera, the one who made this new scandal public after recording the incident with her cell phone and sharing it on her social networks and” avoiding misunderstandings, “argued to her 922 thousand followers.

The former protagonist of “Rica, Famosa y Latina”, a former partner of the former “La Voz coach,” exploded when the employee allegedly did not charge her $ 1,500 and canceled her flight which was bound for the United States, where she is currently stationed. and supposedly runs her businesses related to beauty items: Makeup, specifically.

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The recent events have left everyone shocked after everyone believed that Mayeli Alonso, the actor’s former partner, would have ended her relationship with Jesús Méndoza, so this new appearance has raised more questions. since apparently, at the time of the events, they were returning from a family trip, according to reports.

According to him, the events arose when the person who attended them did not help them, but quite the opposite, ignored their credit card and directly closed the flight without giving them the opportunity to board.

Fact that led to the heated discussion that reached the point of aggressions by the former partner of the interpreter of “El Moreño”, “Despreciado” etc, which culminated in the arrest of the woman after the intervention of the airport security forces.

Two videos that she shared from her Instagram account detail moment by moment which was recorded by Mayeli herself, a mother as well as two children with Lupillo Rivera, who recorded the beginning of the frenzied encounter until the moment of her arrest.

The ex-partner of the deceased’s brother Jenni Rivera was accompanied at all times by his alleged ex-partner, Jesús Méndoza, even when he boarded the patrol and who also supported his testimony from beginning to end in front of the police.

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After a few hours, Alonso revealed on his Instagram that he was already released and promised his followers to keep them informed of everything, this after leaving the delegation.

So far so good. I’m already out of the delegation, he reported through his official account

Mayeli Alonso, who emerged on the scene after starring in a six-year marriage with Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, better known as “Lupillo Rivera”, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, and with whom she had two children: 15-year-old Lupita Karizma and L ‘king of 11 years.

Mayeli, who became a successful businesswoman, ended her marriage with the artist amid legal battles and great controversy, although Lupillo Rivera did not want to address the terms of their separation in her own voice.

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It would be the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante who revealed that the lawsuit consisted of 83 pages where Lupillo Rivera set out the reasons for his decision.

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