They deny that China’s second largest bank accepts bitcoin for bond purchases

Key facts:

CCB authorities indicate that only dollars will be accepted for the purchase of debt bonds.

The CCB, together with the Fusang exchange, registered $ 3 billion in bonds on a blockchain.

The fury of the adoption of Bitcoin has not reached the banks of China, even when a few days ago it was assured that one of the largest banks in the nation had decided to accept the cryptocurrency for its liquidations.

It is the China Construction Bank Corporation (CCB), an entity that has been recognized as the second largest capitalized bank in the nation and the world. The bank was singled out last week as a partner of Hong Kong exchange Fusang for the issuance of debt bonds that would be paid in bitcoin. However, the CCB authorities declared today that These claims were not true and that the bank has no relationship with the cryptocurrency market.

The CCB representatives clarified on their website that the digital bonds would only be sold in US dollars, highlighting that “it will not accept cryptocurrencies and even bitcoin.” He also pointed out that the bank is only in charge of coordinating this event, plus the issuance of the bonds is in charge of the Fusang exchange.

The confusion was due to the fact that the Fusang exchange house indicated, in a press release, that it would accept payments in bitcoin for the purchase of these bonds that it was issuing together with the CCB. It is about of a debt of 3 billion dollars in digital bonds that have been registered in a blockchain network, and which are open to the public for marketing. A move that suggested that the Chinese government was changing its policies regarding Bitcoin, taking into account that the CCB is a majority state bank.

The news generated quite a stir in the crypto community, where members considered that this could be a positive sign for the crypto market in China, which has faced several ups and downs in recent years. In addition to the uncertainty of what the future of Huobi will be, the exchange house that recently reported the disappearance of its manager in what appears to be an arrest, the news that the CCB was accepting settlements in bitcoin generated an expectation about the market.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem seems to be waiting for what will be the new entity in turn that will join the wave of Bitcoin adoption. The cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto has had a very positive year, reaching levels of performance that were not seen since 2018. This is due, in addition to the maturing of the market and the socio-economic conditions worldwide, to the fact that several companies of large stature (such as Paypal, Microstrategy and Square) have decided to enter the Bitcoin market and bet on its growth.