They deny freedom to a young man who planned to kill university students

A judge ordered a young man to remain behind bars accused of plotting to murder members of a female sorority at an Ohio university.

Miami World / AP

Judge Stephanie Bowman on Friday cited a parole violation and the “seriousness of the charges” as reasons for keeping Tres Genco, 21, in prison. The young man from Hillsboro, Ohio, appeared in federal court in Cincinnati on charges of attempted hate crime and possession of a submachine gun.

Federal prosecutors noted earlier that Genco identifies himself as an “involuntary celibate” and has interacted online with a community made up primarily of men who advocate violence against women in the belief that they have been unfairly denied sexual or sexual interaction. idyllic.

Prosecutors say Genco was doing surveillance at an Ohio university in January 2020, describing a document that he drew up as “the writings of the deceived and murderers” and that he signed as “his hopeful friend and murderer.”

Local police raided Genco’s home in March 2020 and found a firearm with an automatic device, a pistol, ammunition magazines, ammunition boxes and armored clothing, according to prosecutors.

During Friday’s detention hearing, defense attorney Richard Monahan requested that his client be released into custody to his mother, because he was serving a sentence in a state prison based on similar evidence.

But the judge agreed with the prosecutor Megan Painter, who emphasized in her argument that Genco represents an imminent danger to the public.

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