They denounce the lack of medicines in Mexico in the UN forum


During his participation in the virtual workshop “Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic through a Human Rights Perspective: the Contribution of Parliaments ”, organized by the UN, Senator Kenia López Rabadán denounced the lack of medicines in the country.

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He said that “today we are in a very regrettable national discussion about the lack of medicines for children with cancer.” In that sense, he questioned “what to do so that Mexico and other countries that are in a similar condition can rectify the course?”

The PAN legislator stated that Mexico is going through three serious problems: the economic and health crisis, not only due to Covid, and a high level of violence.

“In Mexico the government has decided not to invest in Covid-19 tests, we could never have a clear investment so that it was known who has this disease and who does not. The Federal Executive has decided not to wear face masks and that is the public message, truly complicated. There has not been a successful vaccination, we are barely around 20% of vaccinated Mexicans ”, he commented.

“Women have suffered a different impact, violence against women in Mexico has increased more than 50% in May of this year, compared to May of last year. Two of every 3 widowers are women. Of every 10 people who lose their jobs in Mexico, 7 are women, “he added.

The PAN concluded that we are the fourth country in the world with the most deaths on the planet and an insecurity that every day becomes more complicated.

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