Ronaldinho finds himself in a golden cage, pun intended. The Brazilian continues in the Paraguayan capital, Asunción, locked up in a hotel along with his brother Roberto for document falsification. The legendary footballer, who paid 1.6 million to get out of jail, is the only hotel tenant due to the coronavirus pandemic and according to what has transpired in the local press, that house arrest is not being far from harsh.

El Guacho and his brother They organize parties that last throughout the night with female companions every day that arrive in vans. Ronaldinho receives them at the Hotel Palmaroga where he is staying in a suite and there they have parties where the music is heard even outside the accommodation, as the neighbors have denounced.

“There are days when at least two girls arrive. And that yes: full drink and I think they are models because they have all the looks. Besides that, they arrive in luxurious vans. Those who are known models enter the parking lot directly and those who are unknown get off in front of the hotel and then the car that approaches them withdraws. They do dances and karaokes until the early hours of the morning, « revealed a source to the Paraguay newspaper HOY.

According to the aforementioned article, this lifestyle of Ronaldinho is not financed by him, but they are friendly businessmen: «Those who ask the girls for these parties are not the brothers, it is the businessmen who give the girls gifts. These businessmen contact the representatives of the models and set the amount and they leave. Neither Ronaldinho nor his brother spend a penny. What we also know is that Ronaldinho really likes robust ones, women with meat »said a person who works at the hotel.

Ronaldinho would be cared for in luxury in a five-star hotel that has for him only amenities such as swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna. “Breakfast and snack baskets arrive every day and they are sent by models as well. Also come expensive wines and other high quality alcohol, « they settled.