They demand justice for a girl who suffered burns from a gas tank in bad condition

NEZAHUALCÓYOTL, State of Mexico.- In a matter of minutes, the life of Ariana Sofia, who was then five years old, changed when the gas tank in her house in poor condition exploded and caused burns in 35 percent of her body. Today almost two years later, no one is responsible for what happened.

I was inside my room on August 27, 2019, it was approximately between one or two in the afternoon and my niece was in the hall playing when she heard a very loud noise like an explosion, and after that when the explosion I left, I looked out and saw my niece burned, with her face completely red with white hands, ”recalled Luisa Escudero, Ariana’s aunt.

Since then, the nightmare for the little girl’s family began, as she was hospitalized for almost three months at first. So far he has been 25 surgeries and 16 blood transfusions.

It is a lot of physical and emotional exhaustion, for her it is very difficult to try to understand that her life has changed, that she cannot have a completely normal life to that of other children, that there are things that she cannot do, because for her it is to expose it, It is a risk, we have to take great care of it so that it does not have a significant fall because automatically its skin opens, because it is very thin and this then causes bleeding, “said Nancy Escudero, Ariana’s mother.

He explained that the recovery of the little girl, who liked to disguise herself as Wonder Woman has been very slow and complicated, since she constantly goes into surgeries, “some of them are immobilized from hands to legs and therefore the consequences have been important, because currently it is very difficult for her to write or carry out her academic activities normally ”.

Although there is a criminal complaint for the events, there is no progress and no one is held responsible, despite the fact that it was found that the tank was in poor condition, which caused it to explode.

Jesús Barajas, Ariana’s lawyer, explained that there is an expert opinion by the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico where the Reyes Gas company is held responsible, since the cylinder that was delivered the same day of the accident, was in poor condition.

He added that despite this, the legal situation has not advanced and since August 2019 to date, three public ministries have taken up the case and there has not been any judicialization of the folder.

He even assures that the representatives of the Reyes Gas company, which have their facilities in Ixtapaluca, are detached from the case and only the delivery truck is being held, without any person responsible.

Life for Ariana will be very difficult because as she grows, she will require more surgeries and so far all medical expenses have been borne by her family and friends, who seek to give a better quality of life to the little girl, so they demand that they authorities of the Prosecutor’s Office act.

I do not ask, I demand justice, I demand that the person responsible for this, the owner of the gas station, take charge of everything that my niece has had to suffer, of everything that my sister, my brother-in-law, her father, the my niece’s brother, I demand justice for my niece to be held responsible for medical expenses, said Luisa, the minor’s aunt.

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