They declared Santa Claus an “essential worker” and he will be able to deliver gifts: the message went viral

Simon Coveney, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland, confirmed that Santa claus, as it is known in the European continent to Santa Claus, you can deliver gifts as usual this year, as you have been officially declared an « essential worker ».

From Congress, Coveney told the children of Ireland not to worry about the Covid-19 restrictions affecting Santa’s work this Christmas, assuring them that he will not need to self-quarantine or restrict their movements. « He is exempt. He will come », Coveney emphasized.

« I can say that, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, we have been working on the subject of Santa Claus for several weeks now, and it is important to tell all the children of the country that we consider Santa Claus trips as essential trips for essential purposes. therefore, you are exempt from the need to self-quarantine for 14 days and should be able to enter and exit Irish airspace and indeed enter and leave Irish homes without having to restrict your movements« he explained.

« But they assure me that children shouldn’t stay up at night because he needs to distance himself socially, and people need to stay at least six feet away at all times to make sure we keep him safe. » He clarified, to reinforce the need for self-isolation during a period in which the European continent sees a growth in Coronavirus cases.

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Coveney went on to say that Santa Claus « appreciated » the fact that Ireland had made sure his visit went smoothly., despite what will undoubtedly be a very different Christmas than the one everyone is used to.

In social networks, users quickly echoed and viralized the statements of the Irish Executive, to the point of subtitling the video (in English).

In English, the responses to the tweet on Ireland’s official television – which has thousands of likes and was shared thousands of times – did not wait: they thank him for the gesture and say that it made « their eight-year-old versions » very happy. . « Three little people were very calm today after seeing the message « said a Twitter user.