They create the whitest paint in the world capable of reflecting 98.1% of light

And it is that, in addition to reflect sunlight, the white color is capable of reject heat, something that does not happen with the black color, which absorbs light and heat. Hence, painting buildings with this whiter paint could be very useful when it comes to keep them much cooler for a longer period of time, all without the need for air conditioning.

To develop it, the researchers focused their content on barium sulfate after discovering that it helped make items highly reflective. Furthermore, since paint highly concentrated in this component can diffuse a wider range of light, it might be able to reflect sunlight more widely.

The barium sulfate It is a chemical compound commonly used in cosmetics and on white photographic paper. Of course, if these particles allow the paint to be very white and, therefore, highly reflective, there is a limit that should not be crossed since it could end up causing the fragmentation of the painting or its fall.

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