A shoemaker from Romania, upset that people did not respect social distancing measures, decided to create a pair of shoes to help people comply with this provision.

It should be remembered that the World Health Organization has asked that human beings keep at least a meter of distance between us, in order to avoid further contagion from coronavirus.

With this in mind, Grigore Lup, a shoemaker from the Cluj community in Transylvania, created shoes that are equivalent to size 75 of European footwear.

Each pair of shoes uses almost a square meter of leather, the craftsman must work two days in the elaboration of each pair and its cost is 104 euros. The shoemaker added that if two people wear this type of footwear, then they can comply with the healthy distance one and a half meters.

Shoemaker from Romania poses with shoes to keep healthy distancePhoto: .

Lup has worked footwear for 39 years. Their work consists mainly of building shoes on request for theaters and operas, shows that have closed due to the pandemic. He added that so far he has received 5 orders for this curious model.

With information from El Mundo.

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