Video calling platforms have become vitally important during the pandemic, and Zoom has been one of the most widely used tools by people and organizations around the world.

A developer came up with a way to surprise his acquaintances or coworkers, going to one of the most important memes in history: the ‘Rickroll’, and that Rick Astley arrived to liven up the group video call.

Long live ‘Invite Rick’

As we see in the presentation video, Rick only “worked” during specific hours of the week: Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (EST / North American Eastern Time), making a reservation at ‘Invite Rick’.

We speak in the past tense because Zoom decided a few days ago to cut this service, as it violated the terms of the platform. After a launch day in which he had thousands of requests, Zoom sent him an email asking him to stop his activity immediately.

Its creator claims that “the world needs as many smiles as possible” in these uncertain times, and thanks everyone who was part of this fun experiment in the last days.

It is interesting to analyze the way in which its creator decided to implement this tool. It occurred to him to “sacrifice” his personal Zoom account for this mythical meme to use, and so interested people would book an appointment to appear on the scene.

What is clear is that, in the midst of video calls, we will surely see more tools of this type appear. Just a few days ago we talked about ‘Mmhmm’: a platform that allows you to add multimedia content to your video calls with very little effort.

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