The first orders have already started to be distributed.

Photo: UV SAFETY BOX / Creative Commons

An engineering workshop operating from the Belgian town of Wavr has created a machine that sterilizes supermarket and airport trolleys. through ultraviolet light to reduce the risk of contagion by coronavirus, the so-called ‘UV Safety Box’.

The first orders have already begun to be distributed among “several supermarkets in France and Belgium” and their implementation, according to their creators, can help “reduce virus circulation” and to provide security to customers.

“The mechanics are very easy. The customer takes the cart, puts it in the machine, gives to a pedal and while the ultraviolet light cleaning materials can disinfect your hands while you wait, ”says De Ceuster company sales director Simon Segers.

The process lasts 15 seconds and involves radiation of 254 nanometers, which “eliminates all kinds of viruses and bacteria” from both the trolleys and “Any other material” that you want to sterilize for safe handling.

The project, explains Segers, was born a few months ago after checking that most of their regular orders were canceled because of the pandemic.

Among his usual commissions, focused on the elaboration of custom metal sheets, the creation of pieces for architecture stand out, the preparation of structures for events and conferences or projects for the pharmaceutical sector.

“It was a disaster, our income plummeted and we had to think of alternatives. We got in touch with another company that was starting to outline the project and we continue together until now, with the prototypes already completed, “he stresses.

The technology is similar to that already used in hospitals to sterilize tools and their use, emphasize their creators, it could also serve to liberate to workers who are currently dedicated exclusively to disinfecting carts.

In addition to this dedication of one or more employees, companies are also spending money on “alcohols, gels and disinfectants to fine-tune these types of tools“, Something that would also be reduced with the implementation of the ‘UV Safety Box’.

“The machine, in this sense, is also environmentally interesting because you only need electricity. In addition, the company saves costs of having an employee dedicated to this taskSegers stresses.

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