They consider Chayanne as the most handsome man of 2021!


It is Chayanne the most handsome man of 2021! | AP

Chayanne is originally from Puerto Rico (AFP)

Chayanne is originally from Puerto Rico | .

The singer has more than 42 years of musical career (AFP)

The singer has more than 42 years of musical career | .

Chayanne is one of the public's most beloved singer (AFP)

Chayanne is one of the public’s most beloved singer | .

Recently the singer himself and some media have shared the cover of an important magazine where Chayanne not only appears on the cover, the news is that the interpreter of “Waltz Time“He is considered the most handsome man of 2021.

Every year the magazine Who shares a list where the names of the most handsome men are shared, this time who leads the list is the handsome 53-year-old Puerto Rican Elmer Figueroa Arce internationally known as Chayanne.

The magazine itself also shared this publication, 6 hours ago on its official Instagram account, where they reveal some surprises from the most recent issue of the magazine, as well as we can also see it on the cover.

In addition to Chayanne on the list we will find other celebrities such as some musicians, content creators, actors, directors, even fashion experts.

The handsome singer He appears semi reclining in a very light beige armchair, he also has some cushions around him, while he rested in the most flirtatious way as he always does in any of his publications, that naturalness that he has to attract attention and captivate millions not just any person has it.

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Chayanne is wearing a kind of pajamas, gray cotton pants, as well as a robe with a very small checkered texture, this one is not fastened! She has it open, revealing her abdomen, as accessories she was wearing a silver link chain.

With one of his arms on his abdomen and the second holding his head and outlining his well-known beautiful smile, to which millions have more than lovers.

Despite the fact that the interpreter of “Salome“He is 53 years old and is considered by millions as one of the most handsome singers of this 2021, although the magazine is published in Mexico it would not be a surprise if it was also from other parts of the world.

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At the moment the variables that were taken into account for Chayannee to become the character that heads the magazine’s list are unknown, but without a doubt a lot would have to do not only with his physical appearance but also his charisma and personality, which without doubt he immediately conquers whoever knows him.

An hour after the magazine shared this image, the singer shared it on his official Instagram account, thanking the opportunity and the space they gave him and the recognition they gave him.

With the word “Provocame” one of Chayanne’s hits appeared on the main cover, this play on words was perfect for him to appear next to the singer, the publication he shared on his Instagram has more than 200 thousand red hearts in addition to 9,066 comments.

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Undoubtedly, he is and will continue to be the sexiest man in history “,” Totally deserved to be on that cover and all !! ” .

In addition to being a singer, Chayanne also has an acting career, in fact he will participate in a new animation project in the film Sing 2 playing one of the main characters Clay Calloway in the Latin version.

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Currently the actor, singer and dancer has more than 6 million followers on Instagram, although he is known by millions more, perhaps not all of them have an account on Instagram, although he is not so active in the application because he has only 1,362 publications, however when he comes to share new content he immediately begins to have a reaction from his fans.

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