They confirm the infidelity of Erik Rubín! And Andrea Legarreta?

They confirm the infidelity of Erik Rubín! And Andrea Legarreta? | Instagram

Andrea Legarreta doesn’t like this! A famous one has been interviewed by the popular Yordi Rosado and did not hold back when revealing that the singer Erik Rubín has been unfaithful and even detailed who he was with “the horns.”

It was Alejandra Guzmán who did not hesitate to speak with the former member of Otro Rollo about the husband of Andrea Legarreta and he assured that he was unfaithful, nothing more and nothing less than with La Chica Dorada, Paulina Rubio.

However, the beautiful host of the Hoy Program does not have to worry because La Guzmán refers to her youthful times, where it was no secret that there was a famous love triangle between Alejandra Guzmán, Erik Rubin and Paulina Rubio.

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After so many years, it was from the voice of Alejandra Guzmán that the famous story was revealed. Frida Sofía’s mother shared that she met Erik Rubín at an awards ceremony and from that moment they started dating, she even remembered the color of the dress she was wearing that night!

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The interpreter of La Plaga revealed that the fairy tale ended when, after two months of dating the now husband of Andrea Legarreta Martínez, she found out that she was also dating Paulina Rubio.

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La Guzmán assured that his relationship with the singer ended the moment he found out about his infidelity, which he revealed to his producer and who began with the “rivalry” of both singers, as he was also a producer of La Chica Dorada, it was him who wrote “Ey Güera” for Guzmán and “Mío” for Pau.

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Both songs were a success because the background of the lyrics of the same became a legend in the middle of the Mexican show, the media did not take long to antagonize both artists.

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