They confirm the discovery of Tomás’s clothes, but they do not match his last clothing Chile News

This Sunday will take place the fifth day of the search for Tomás Bravo, the 3 year and 7 month old boy who disappeared last Wednesday in the Caripilún sector, on Route P-40, which connects the town of Lebu with Arauco.

For now, the Homicide Brigade (BH) of the Investigative Police (PDI) investigates the possible accidental disappearance of the minor or the intervention of third parties.

For her part, the Arauco prosecutor, Carolina Molina, in charge of the case, explained that « Information has been received from the BH and from family members who carry out various investigation lines, we cannot rule out any of these without having investigated, respectively, in each of them », according to the Radio Cooperativa slogan.

« So far what the Public Ministry has with the records that work in the investigative folder is an alleged misfortune », added.

In this way, The persecutor explained that she has taken statements from witnesses, tracing the site of the event where Tomás disappeared, received information from the PDI and the family’s background, so it will be investigated to discard the investigative lines.

What’s more, confirmed that « it is true that there have been discoveries of clothes that belong to Tomás, but they do not correspond to the clothes the child was wearing on the day he disappeared.

For his part, the mayor of Biobío, Patricio Kuhn, announced that the Navy will help in the search for the minor, collecting information from the FASat Charlie satellite, which will provide images, and from manned and unmanned aircraft.