They confirm that J Balvin will become a father

Getty J Balvin is celebrating his first-born.

J Balvin will soon become a father for the first time, the result of his consolidated love relationship with the Argentine model Valentina Ferrer. While it is true that the information has not been revealed by the singer, the magazine HOLA! USA confirmed the news with sources close to the couple.

“HELLO! The USA has been able to confirm that, indeed, the Colombian singer and the Argentine model are waiting for their first baby, which comes to consolidate with a flourish the relationship that both began in 2018 with the beginning of a beautiful family that they so desired. have ”, assured the American publication.

HI THERE! USA detailed that Balvin’s girlfriend is in her sixth month of pregnancy with a child who will be named Rio.

Sources close to J Balvin mentioned that the Colombian interpreter will soon officially announce the pregnancy of Valentina Ferrer, this because he feels “somewhat overwhelmed” by the commotion and intrigue that the information has caused.

This is what you need to know:

“El Gordo y la Flaca” announced the pregnancy of J Balvin’s girlfriend in early 2021

In February 2021, “El Gordo y la Flaca” was one of the first media to report on the pregnancy of Valentina Ferrer, J Balvin’s girlfriend.

“Despite all the difficulties that the singer had to go through during the pandemic, it seems that they firmly did the task and the result is that soon a Balvicito or a Valentinita will arrive, and it was one of the strongest wishes he had José ”, Tanya Charry mentioned in a broadcast of“ El Gordo y la Flaca ”.

The Colombian journalist assured in the Univision entertainment show that both J Balvin and his relatives were “very happy” with the news of Ferrer’s long-awaited pregnancy.

J Balvin wanted to become a father

Throughout his outstanding artistic career, J Balvin has been very open with the media when speaking out about his great desire to have children.

As part of the promotion of the record album “Colores” in 2018, Balvin offered an interview to Univision where he confirmed that he wanted to start a family in the not too distant future: “I dream of a family, with some children, with to be able to continue expanding music throughout the world and be very happy ”.

The love relationship between J Bavin and Valentina Ferrer began in 2018

According to HOLA! USA, the love relationship between J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer began in 2018 after they attended New York Fashion Week together.

The famous couple went through a brief breakup at the end of 2019, but today they stay closer than ever while waiting for their first-born.

Balvin and Ferrer met for the first time during the recordings of the video clip “Sigo extrañándote”, an audiovisual project by the Colombian singer that was led by a talented 27-year-old model.

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