They confirm that Ester Exposito finished Alejandro Speitzer for being a kept

It seems that Ester Exposito and Alex Speitzer have decided to end their love story, Well, the rumors of a break have become stronger after the magazine TVNotas announced that she would have fired him from the apartment they shared in Spain.

Ester Exposito finished and ran to Alex Speitzer for maintained!”Was how the Mexican entertainment outlet titled their exclusive in which they present an interview with a close friend of Ester who confirmed the couple’s thunder, revealing the alleged causes that derived it.

According to the source it was because Exposito got tired of Alex’s bad attitude, because he practically kept him and did everything to him; Then he ended up running screaming and he had no choice but to return to Mexico.

“Ester grabbed all of Alex’s things, packed them, he threw them into the corridor of the building and yelled at him: ‘I want you to go, you are a kept man!’, and slammed the door, “he said.

“It looked like he was on vacation. Before moving they had agreed that both would pay all the expenses of the apartment that she has in Madrid and that they would both keep it clean, but he did not give her money and even less raised a finger, she did and put everything, “quoted in another paragraph the media.

However, Speitzer’s arrogance was another big problem, as he felt he deserved the world and dared to despise what he considered “small projects.”

“He also told me: ‘The truth is, I’m not there to support anyone, he just wants me to solve everything for him, but no project that I get him suits him, it’s very exhausting’. She dedicated herself to introducing him to various producers and entrepreneurs so that little by little he was entering the market where she is, but he had a very bad attitude. He behaved very arrogant and obnoxious every time she introduced him to someone to be included in a project or commercial, because very little was done to him, “he mentioned.

Although none have given explanations, the break is being confirmed; likewise, that they were seen in the same event, but each one on their own and, as if that were not enough, they have stopped “shouting” love at each other on social networks where they have not published photos together.

“She is still furious and is more than sure that she does not want to go back to him,” the note concludes.

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