Almost two months ago, CEDRO announced the 122 Telegram channel lock with more than 380,000 users illegally sharing books, newspapers and magazines. In that closing, channels related to books, newspapers and the press were affected. In that case, they did not close one of the most used bots to download books, but it seems that someone has realized its existence.

Telegram’s most used book download bot, closed

While in the channels it is very clear that you are hacking, in the bots you do not “notice” so much because everything is done in a more subtle way and on demand from the users who interact with them. There are download bots on Telegram of all kinds, including some that allow download songs, movies or books.

The most widely used book in Spanish was @DownloadEbooksBot. This bot had a database with all kinds of books in Spanish, allowing them to be downloaded by author, by name, by genre or by the most popular ones, and it even allowed directly sending the books to the Kindle. However, from the first days of June, the bot was blocked by Telegram.

Telegram does not block piracy per se, but “accepts” claims from rights holders. If Telegram determines that that channel is infringing copyright, then close the channel. Or the bot in this case, being one of the first cases in Spain where a bot related to piracy is closed.

Within a few hours there was already an alternative bot

As usually happens when a website is closed, it did not take long for a new one to emerge bot to download books it has the same functionality and database as the previous one. Its duration, however, may be less than that of the original channel, since now that the authorities are aware of the bot’s activity, they only have to send a claim to Telegram to block it, starting a new game of cat and cat. mouse.

CEDRO has been doing this for some time with the press channels, and so far no one has “claimed” the closure of this popular bot, either because they want to keep a low profile and that this type of activity is not known on Telegram, or by that his alternative became available just hours after the original closed. At the moment almost a month has passed and the bot is still operational.

In short, we see that even bots are not spared from the persecution against piracy, and it is expected that in the coming months new closings and blockades will be made, followed by new openings, as is the case with channels.