They claim that Kimberly Loaiza, refuses to take pictures!

They claim that Kimberly Loaiza, refuses to take pictures! | Instagram

The musical artist Kimberly Loaiza is constantly in trend this thanks to the fact that her popularity continues to grow, however this could be affected due to certain statements that have been made where it is stated that she did not want to take some Photos.

Through the YouTube channel titled Es Neta, a second part of the interview was shared in which the stylist continues to mention important points about his dealings with Kimberly loaiza.

The video lasts 8:53 but it is from 5:43, they decided to title it as: “Right now, Kimberly Loaiza refuses to take photos / JD against the LGBT community?”

So far, the aforementioned video of the YouTube channel where recent news from some influencers and youtubers is shared has received 88 comments in this regard and has more than 10,000 views, this was shared on April 7.

As you well know, the young celebrity of social networks and music has been involved in a new controversy that has stained or has been wanting to stain his name, this thanks to certain comments that a former makeup artist made in an interview.

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It was King Bacon who interviewed Pepe Gutiérrez who, a few days ago, made some comments about it with the deal he had made with the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja, and recently another part of the interview appeared where he allegedly revealed that he did not want to take a picture with him and tag him to promote him as they supposedly had been.

The stylist admitted that he had been upset by the attitude and lack of responsibility of the young star, so he decided to stop following her on his social networks.

Apparently later The Biggest Cuteness He was contacting him on two or three occasions, however they had not been able to coincide with the dates, he also mentioned that his budget had passed him and that he himself said that in the future he would only dedicate himself to charging his work and not making collaborations so as not to end with sentimentality and others.

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He has contacted me two or three times but I have not been able to due to the dates, “said Pepe Gutiérrez.

King Bacon commented that it was illogical not to take a photo with him, this helps him to promote his work and his social networks, since it was only something that would take him seconds to do, however Pepe Gutiérrez accepted the terms that Juan de Dios He told her that they recorded at his house and when they did not coincide and asked him to send him a video, things perhaps got a little out of control because they never sent him anything.

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So far neither Kimberly Loaiza nor her husband JD Pantoja have commented on the matter, although to tell the truth the interpreter of “You lost me remix“She shared a post on Twitter where she mentioned the gratitude of her cuteness for always supporting her, perhaps it was related to the recent controversy.

One of the comments that the Es Neta video received referred to the fact that Kimberly Loaiza when she started her career was ignored by many, but now that she is famous, they want to approach her for convenience, being that they look for her for followers and not for friendship .

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However, it must be clarified that what was commented on in the interview with the stylist was precisely what they had agreed to with their exchange, precisely advertising for their brand, which is Pepe Gutiérrez, and promotion for their business.

It is likely that soon both Kim Loaiza and possibly Juan de Dios will comment on it and clarify certain things for their fans who are surely with the earring.