They claim that Kimberly Loaiza is upset by leaked photo!

They claim that Kimberly Loaiza is upset by leaked photo! (Instagram)

They claim that Kimberly Loaiza is upset by leaked photo! | Instagram

It is said that the musical artist called La Cindura Mayor Kimberly Loaiza is upset, this was shared in a video posted on Youtube in which it is stated that a photo leaked of your newborn child.

A few days ago, little Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza was born, the second child of the couple of young celebrities from social networks confused by Kimberly loaiza Y Juan de Dios Pantoja, despite the fact that they themselves affirmed that photographs of their son had not been shared, because they will be the ones who will share the first images of their son with their public.

The couple also added that their family also did not have photos of their baby and that they had only made video calls with them, however it is very simple that in a video call they can take screenshots as mentioned in the video published last 22 February and titled: “Kimberly Loaiza is furious with her family for leaking photos of her baby.”

The “hot” news about Kimberly Loaiza, as the same driver affirms, appears at minute 8 and 15 seconds, in case you are interested in shortening the video, we will share it with you right away.

Said video was shared on YouTube, in the Es Neta channel, currently it has more than 40 thousand reproductions and 148 comments, of which several are from the admirers of Kimberly Loaiza and are extremely annoyed by the fact that the driver likes to call the Internet users’ attention with extremely striking titles.

At the beginning of the video it is mentioned that it would have been a cousin of the interpreter of “Turn off the light” Loaiza Elizabeth who is also a youtuber with more than 100 thousand followers who shared this photograph, despite the fact that the couple had asked their respective families that did not, for her it would be a very good promotion.

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Through her Instagram stories the young youtuber shared a photo of a newborn baby, stating that she was welcoming her nephew, this image is shown in the Es Neta video, however the same driver later mentions that he does not believe that is the son of the couple also called Jukilop, he himself is contradicting its owner.

Because remembering Kima when she was born that she was not so white, like the baby in the photo who happens to be wrapped in a blue blanket like the one that Juan de Dios Pantoja has been showing in his Tiktok videos when he holds his baby.

Despite the coincidences and the fact that the nephew mentioned by Kim Loaiza’s cousin could be from another relative, the doubt for some of the fans may be very present.

In one of the comments made by Internet users, they affirmed that it had already been clarified previously that the photo was not of Kimberly and Juan de Dios’s son, that another youtuber had made it clear, however apparently the channel used this as a pretext to take advantage the popularity of the trend.

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Surely in a few weeks we will be able to meet their new family member through the social networks of both youtubers and musical artists, it would be possible for them to do so through a family photo where little Kima Sofía also appears.

Both Kim Loaiza and JD Pantoja have not commented on this specific video, what they have clarified is that the images of their son are only for them, so they invite their millions of followers to ignore any news where they are make other claims.

We still do not know little Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza and he has already become a celebrity just like his parents and Kima his older sister.