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A few hours ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment shared the first look at the game boxes for PlayStation 5. Something that did not please some is that the box that carries the game is the same transparent blue shade that we saw in the boxes of PlayStation 5. It is This is why some users have already made their own when editing it.

As Nibel, a well-known Twitter user, shared, some individuals have taken image editors to see what the PlayStation 5 boxes would look like in another color. In one of the edited images we can see how they would look with a white box and in others with the black box.

Do you want to see what these edited images look like? You can check it out below:

The result of this edition has pleased many individuals, who consider that the black or white boxes look better because of the white rectangle that it presents at the top. In addition, they consider that this type of boxes go better with the colors of the PlayStation 5.

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And what color would you like the PlayStation 5 boxes to be? Tell us in the comments.

PlayStation 5 will hit the market in late 2020. You can learn more about Sony’s next-generation console by clicking here.