Monterrey, Nuevo León, that place that has gained fame lately because they marry between cousins, now there is the brazier of social networks because in the municipality of San Pedro de la Garza García, a clandestine wedding was held and, now, A COVID-19 outbreak is reported to have its origins in this event.

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Apparently, the message from the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, from “STAY AT HOME”, entered by ear and left the happy couple on the other, ignoring the health recommendations, they decided to celebrate their love and, incidentally, cause an outbreak of the new coronavirus among the attendees. This was announced by the newspaper El Norte.

The marriage union took place on June 20 and, it can be said that, as good royals, healthy distance was respected in the Church of Our Lady Queen of Angels, as can be seen in some photographs. However, at the time of the party and the despapaye, the attendees forgot about the sanitary measures and ended up catching.

For his part, the mayor of San Pedro Garza García, Miguel Treviño de Hoyos, condemned the act and declared through his Twitter account:

“They are acts of irresponsibility, therefore they are acts of lack of solidarity with our most vulnerable population: the elderly. They are acts of lack of solidarity with the people who are working on the battle line: nurses, policemen, drivers who distribute food and also lack of solidarity of those who survive from their work. ”

Later, Javier González Alcántara, an independent councilor from San Pedro, said that the wedding had been carried out without the permission of the city council, in addition to, of course, unleashing an outbreak of coronavirus among the attendees.

Now, the Monterrey authorities are inviting attendees to take the test to detect COVID-19 and to lock themselves in their homes, because if they do not, the infections could increase and the population could be more affected.