They catch a man bathing naked with a 7-year-old girl in a river

The man was holding the little girl, who was crying uncontrollably.

Photo: Eric Smart / Pexels

Great outrage has caused a video that went viral on social networks, which is already being investigated by the Mexican police as there are those who have pointed out that it could be an explicit case of pedophilia.

It turns out that a couple of days ago, some young people who were on the banks of the Mezcalapa River, in the Mexican municipality of Huimanguillo, in Tabasco, noticed that there was a completely naked man in the water with a minor.

This caught the attention of the boys and one of them approached and began to record them with the intention of making a public complaint considering that what he was doing was not right and much less, that it was inappropriate for the adult to be without clothes together to the 7-year-old girl.

One of the young men rebuked the man who was bathing completely naked in the river, next to the girl while another minor was out of the water, on a wooden raft. The man assured that the girl who was with her is his daughter and that what they were doing was “normal”.

This led the young people and the man to argue causing the girl to start crying, crying out to see her mother.

The Office of the Attorney General of the state of Tabasco opened an investigation folder against this man who was caught while “bathing” naked in a river with a girl.

Although many assure that it could be a crime of pedophilia or pedophilia, the mother of the minor indicated that it is all a misunderstanding, since her partner, who is her daughter’s stepfather, would be unable to harm the little girl.

Despite this, the case is still being investigated to determine if there was any sexual abuse by the man towards the minor.

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