The investigation is in charge of the public prosecutor Federico Domínguez with procedures in Capital and the Buenosairean conurbano.

At dawn today, groups of brigade of the Superintendence of Dangerous Drugs of the Federal Police began another 30 new raids in the case that investigates the creation of false narco files, with high-ranking commissioners of the Buenos Aires province as well as judicial officials and lawyers, after 34 other procedures that occurred last Friday, sources in the case confirmed to Infobae.

Today, for example, homes like a policeman of the provincial force in La Plata are raided. The focus of the cause investigated by the Prosecutor Federico Domínguez under the signature of Judge Arroyo Salgado, turns the uniformed men involved in dark maneuvers.

The investigation arose due to alleged irregularities in the operation called « White Lions » and from which they were seized 500 kilos of cocaine. This occurred in 2013. At that time, the head of the UFI of Complex Crimes in San Isidro – which was later dissolved to become the current UFI of Drugs – was the prosecutor Claudio Scapolán, charged in the file but with privileges that prevent him from being detained today.

According to sources close to the file, Infobae, last Friday they were arrested Commissioners Marcelo Di Rosa and Roberto Adrián Okurzaty, Deputy Commissioners Oscar Antonio Caviglia and Juan José Magraner, Chief Juan Alberto Elizalde and Juana Elizabet Medina, Second Lt. José María Delgado, Sergeant Santiago Ignacio Cabré, Assistant Alexis Jesús Tabares and the officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Gustavo Sanvitale and Maximiliano Jarisch.