They capture an alleged pastor accused of leading a network that used paintings to traffic drugs

Captured in Colombia for trafficking drugs in paintings. (Free Press Photo: Taken from El

The anti-narcotics police captured eight people accused of being part of a criminal network dedicated to drug trafficking using paintings that were contaminated with coca and which were later sent abroad.

According to official information from the Police, the head of the network called ‘Los Piper’ was known as the priest, “a subject who he took his priestly vows for an Anglican church, but deviated from the path of faith, to become the leader of the organization.

The Police pointed out that the head of the network was Edinson Angrino González, who had alias Pedrito as his right hand, who was appointed to coordinate the acquisition of the works of art, the logistics necessary to hide the narcotic and the transport to the parcel companies.

Anti-narcotics investigators who followed the network affirmed that the captured allegedly preached in a church in Bucaramanga and another in western Bogotá, Colombia, reported

They indicated that he was captured in the capital of the country when he was getting ready to carry out the procedures to travel to Miami (United States).

They added that he would have been a seminarian in the Anglican church and that he is planning several trips abroad, one of them to Rome, Italy.

The information adds that it is now being investigated if the captured used his work as a preacher to launder money product of the illegal activities for which he was captured.

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According to the investigation, the network recruited young artists who paid very low prices for their works, then contaminated them with drugs and sent them abroad.

The captured recently would have entered a shooting academy in Santander.